Iranian Born Nightscape photographer try to show night sky as a way to Peace. So, I made trip all over my country from desert to mountains.


I love historical Sites, Deep Nature, lakes and rivers mixed with night sky.

I Found my Passion in early teenagehood to Night Sky So I started astronomy when I was 14 years old.

I am also an adventure traveler who exploring My own country and remote natural wonders of Nature.


My photos Contributed to world’s leading astronomy magazines such as:

Sky and Telescope (USA)

Astronomy (USA)

Astronomy now (UK)

All about space (UK)

Astro Surf (France)

Perseus magazine of Romania 

Iranian magazines like scientists, Astronomy (Nojum) and Iran Branch of Natgeo.

Lecturer of TWAN (The World at Night Project) Workshop since 2015


I share my Night Sky Photography experiences here on my Website and Hope You Enjoy It.


مقالات آموزشی عکاسی  آسمان شب را از لینک زیر دنبال کنید